Our Exchange Policy
In order to minimize the downtime our customers experience due to unexpected
component failure and maximize our customers cost efficiency, many of our items
are available for exchange.

Here's how it works:
When a customer requests a quote for an exchange unit, we send a quote for the
exchange price.  If the customer agrees, we ship our freshly overhauled unit
immediately.  The customer then has 10 working days to send us the unit that is
being replaced by the part we sent them.  Their unit, as a core, is sent to an overhaul
shop to be evaluated.  If the unit requires only a basic overhaul, we pay for the
overhaul and return to service with the money collected on the exchange price.  If the
unit requires parts beyond what is covered by basic overhaul, the customer will be
billed for the cost of replacing the parts.  Alternately, the customer is allowed to send
us the parts required for the overhaul.  By providing this service, our customers
experience minimal downtime on their aircraft by having a part ready to go on short
notice, rather than waiting for an overhaul shop to repair their unit, and our customer
save money, as they are not forced to purchase a new unit from the manufacturer or
outright through a third party.
Notes on Exchanges
  • Cores that are beyond economical repair will not be accepted to fulfill the
    core requirement of an exchange contract.
  • Cores must be of the same part number as the unit we provide.  Core units
    of lesser value than the unit we furnish will not be accepted.
  • If a customer agrees to an exchange contract, but is unable to provide an
    acceptable core, the customer will be held liable for the cost of replacing our
    unit, up to full list price.
  • A core charge may be required up front.  In cases where a core charge is
    collected, it will be refunded if the customers unit requires only basic
    overhaul.  If the unit requires additional parts, the core charge will be used to
    pay for those parts.  It is possible for a bill back to exceed the core charge, in
    which case the customer will be billed the difference
Contact us if you have want specific information on our exchanges.  It is our pleasure
to serve our customers to the very best of our ability.